Horse Drawn Wedding Carriages

Fulfil your childhood fairy tale dream of being taken to your wedding by a pair of beautiful horses.  Feel like a princess for the day and be treated like royalty by our experienced coachman and groom turned out in full traditional matching livery uniforms.

Our modern wedding horse drawn carriages retain all of the elegance and grace of traditional vehicles but with modern safety features.

Because every wedding is different, please give us a call to discuss your specific requirements, we are always happy to help so we can help your day run smoothly.

We have a choice of livery coats as well as a wide range of coloured cravats for your coaching staff.   We can also match in the colour on our flower garlands for your chosen wedding carriage for the day to match your colour scheme along with coordinating ostrich coloured feather plumes for the horses.

We very much welcome you to come and visit us at Clears Farm to meet the horses in their home environment and view the wedding carriages and look at our various colour options.

How we keep our costs so competitive.

We are a totally independent family-run company, we are hands on and look after the horses daily needs and stable duties ourselves, which is why we know our horses inside out. 

Paulette does all of our admin work, so there are no booking or agents fees.

One of the greatest expenses of a commercial carriage horse business is horse shoeing.

Alan is a qualified registered farrier so takes care of all our horses feet every month at cost.

These great savings are passed on to you the customer.

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