Our Horses at Clears Farm Layer Marney

Black Horses

Our black horses are purebred Friesian stallions which we sourced from their native country The Netherlands.

Friesians are naturally a very kind, docile and gentle breed.  They are graceful and nimble for their size, they carry themselves with great presence and elegance.  With their pure black shiny coat, beautiful flowing manes and high stepping action they really are a sight to behold.

Our beautiful boys are King, Arno, Gilbert and Bear.  They each have very different personalities but are all very loving and affectionate.

White Horses

Our white horses are all Irish bred.  Mainly over height Connemara or Connemara types.  The breed is known for their athleticism, versatility and good disposition.  They are always willing to please and love their work whether it be in harness or under saddle they just love to please.

Our team of white horses are Jack, Jill, Levi and Vincent.  When they are not working commercially they all enjoy regular riding and cantering around the woods or being schooled at home.

How we keep our costs so competitive.

We are a totally independent family-run company, we are hands on and look after the horses daily needs and stable duties ourselves, which is why we know our horses inside out. 

Paulette does all of our admin work, so there are no booking or agents fees.

One of the greatest expenses of a commercial carriage horse business is horse shoeing.

Alan is a qualified registered farrier so takes care of all our horses feet every month at cost.

These great savings are passed on to you the customer.

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