Horse Drawn Carriages for Film & TV

Our experienced horses and professional coachman are available for TV/Film work, marketing and promotional events.

We have in the past  worked on BBC1’s The One Show, The Brit Awards red carpet arrival, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, A Very British Country House, Married at First Sight as well as starring many times in The Only Way Is Essex.

How we keep our costs so competitive.

We are a totally independent family-run company, we are hands on and look after the horses daily needs and stable duties ourselves, which is why we know our horses inside out. 

Paulette does all of our admin work, so there are no booking or agents fees.

One of the greatest expenses of a commercial carriage horse business is horse shoeing.

Alan is a qualified registered farrier so takes care of all our horses feet every month at cost.

These great savings are passed on to you the customer.

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