Meet Alan & Paulette

Layer Marney Horse Drawn Carriages are a small, fully insured family run business based south west of Colchester.  Our head Coachman Alan has over 35 years of carriage driving experience.  You can feel in safe hands as Alan has passed The British Driving Society ‘Code of Practice Road Driving Assessment for both Pairs of Horses and Teams of Horses in Rural & Urban Environment’.

Alan has completed the BDS Level 4 Professional Drivers qualification covering all aspects of commercial carriage driving.  Alan has also been awarded his Tandem Bars at The Tandem Club’s 75th Anniversary meet which is quite a personal achievement.

We pride ourselves on being a very friendly business that thrives on making your day special by giving a very personal service.

As passional horse enthusiasts, our horses are not just ‘tools of the trade’ buy very much loved family members.  Our horses health and welfare is paramount and we feel that they love the role that they play on your special day.

We decided to go into providing horse drawn carriage services as we wanted other people to be able to experience the timeless quintessential beauty that carriage horses provide.

Please phone or contact us to discuss your requirements, so we can help make your special day even more memorable.

Alan Coe

Alan was brought up with horses, driving and riding competitively as a child.  He rode in point to points from the age of 16 winning many championships, then later in his early twenties rode again professional jockeys.  Alan had to retire from race riding due to many injuries which sadly comes with the territory and a struggle to keep his weight down.  He is also a registered farrier and has run his own farriers business for over 26 years.

Alan returned to his early love of carriage driving, training all of our own horses as well as many for other people.  He now does most of the driving for the business and has the relevant qualifications to drive teams of horses commercially.

Paulette Coe

Paulette has enjoyed riding her special horse Trottie in many different disciplines from jumping to dressage, Trottie is now semi retired enjoying a quieter life.  She is the main person behind the scenes looking after all of the horses on a day to day basis, mucking out, grooming and daily exercise.  Paulette turns out the horses to a very high standard and loves being around the horses caring for their every need to make sure they are all happy and healthy.  This is shown by the huge bond that she has with each and every one of the horses and their mutual affection for her.

Paulette also runs the office dealing with all enquiries and bookings and helping our clients with anything they need and is always happy to help.

Paulette’s other great love in life is her dogs, especially her beautiful black Labradors and German Shepherd’s, they are never far away from her!  Her favourite thing in the world is to combine her love for her dogs and horses by taking trips driving around the beautiful English countryside in the carriage with her dogs at heel ‘perfect’!

How we keep our costs so competitive.

We are a totally independent family-run company, we are hands on and look after the horses daily needs and stable duties ourselves, which is why we know our horses inside out. 

Paulette does all of our admin work, so there are no booking or agents fees.

One of the greatest expenses of a commercial carriage horse business is horse shoeing.

Alan is a qualified registered farrier so takes care of all our horses feet every month at cost.

These great savings are passed on to you the customer.

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