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About Our Horses

Our horses are not just commercial animals; they are very much loved members of our family.  They enjoy all forms of carriage driving and all regularly participate in sociable pleasure drives or a whizz around the woods with the dogs.


They all get turned out in the field to graze every day so they can relax and all enjoy ridden exercise and activities too.


Our horses health and well-being is our priority. They are all up to date with annual vaccinations, have regular dental and physio checks, have new shoes every month to ensure they are fit and healthy for the job.


King  & Gilbert

Our pair of black Friesian stallions.  Friesian horses are known for their kind, gentle and biddable nature.  They have fabulous presence with powerful elegant action and long flowing manes.  King is a real show off whereas Gilbert is more workmen like; both are really soppy and love cuddles and affection.

Jack & Jill

Are our pair of over height Connemara’s.  This breed is native to Ireland where we got them from.  They are sure footed, confident and kind.  Jack oozes character and loves to pose for the camera and Jill just loves to be doing a job whether that is in harness or under saddle, she loves to be ‘doing’.  Both Jack and Jill have proven to be bombproof in every situation, they are worth their weight in gold.

Trottie & Billie

Are a pair of quality half-brother piebald Trotter x Cobs.  They have the pace and stamina of the Trotter with the trustworthy quiet nature of the cob.  Trottie and Billy turn heads wherever they go.  They have done many disciplines both ridden and driven and both love to be out and about, they love life and enjoy everything they do, especially a good canter off road through the countryside.

Levi & Vincent

Levi and Vincent were both imported from Ireland, they are both dapple grey and are very kind natured. Both love human attention and will happily follow you around the field. Levi and Vincent have proven to be bombproof in the heaviest of traffic, nothing phases them.

Levi is incredibly laid back and enjoys his pleasure rides out and about in the countryside.

Vincent enjoys taking part in low level competitions under saddle as well as his driving work.

Arno & Bear

Arno & Bear have recently joined us from Holland, they are a young pair of Fresian stallions who have just started their driving training. Both are very sweet, playful and full of character.

We are very much looking forward to a exciting future with them.


Watch this space.


The Dogs

Here at LMHDC our dogs play a massive part of our lives as we are completely dog mad!


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