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About Our Carriages

All of our carriages are modern reproduction vehicles, having all the grace and elegance of an original but with modern materials and technology i.e. disc breaks for safety.  All of our carriages can be decorated with flower garlands to match you colour scheme.



We use wagonettes at home for daily exercising of the horses but have a luxury one for our pub drives which has air suspension giving 4 inward facing passengers a comfortable off road ride.

White Vis a Vis


Our antique white Vis a Vis carriage has a 4 way weather proof hood which can be go up, down or half up in a matter of seconds, Vis a Vis being French for ‘face to face’ as this is how up to four passengers sit.  It is a low carriage so it is very easy to get in or out and you sit at eye level so your guests will have a perfect view of your on your arrival.


Presentation Wagonette


Our presentation wagonette is a less formal than the traditional vehicles and is very popular for more relaxed, country style weddings and other occasions.  It seats 4 adults facing inwards.

Black Victoria


Our elegant black Victoria has a ¾ folding hood, as it has not doors you can really show off your dresses!  It is very easy vehicle to enter and exit and seats up to 5 passenger using a fold away bridesmaids seat if required.


White Landau


Our white Landau carriage is the traditional type of wedding carriage.  Again the weather proof hood can go up or down in seconds.  Being a larger vehicle it certainly gets your noticed on your arrival.  Taking its name from the German town they were first built in the 18th century.  This carriage seats four adults easily..


High Seat Wagonette


Our high seat wagonette seats 6 adults facing inwards.  It is used for pub drives or any bespoke drives and can also be used for going off road.


It also have a detachable weatherproof  hood with transparent roll up sides.

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage


Our fairy tale Cinderella Pumpkin carriage is fit for any princess or prince for that matter.  It is a modern design made famous by Katie Price.  This is our biggest carriage seating 6 passengers.

White Glass Convertible Coach


Our glass coach has been built to our own specification.  The glass top provides you with total weather protection and allowing full visibility both inside and out, although the top can be folded down in seconds.  This carriage seats 4 adults comfortably.  Glass coaches have been used by famous monarchs for centuries.

Black Hearse

Our reproduction Black Hearse has etched glass and a French polished coffin deck along with decorative velvet fringed roof lining.



White Hearse

Our reproduction White Hearse has etched glass and a highly polished coffin deck along with decorative velvet fringed roof lining.


Country Style Hearse

Our unique Country style hearse is ideal for Woodland or Green Burials as well as for the lover of the countryside.


It is finished in British Racing Green with cream lines, the coffin deck is highly polished solid oak with stainless steel fittings.



We made matching Chariots, one finished Black and Red, the other Blue and Silver.


Ideal for Children's parties, re-enactments or a special prom arrival.


Our reproduction road coach/park drag was designed and made by Alan.


He copied photographs of 19th Century road coaches sitting 12 people on top, 8ft up, and 4 inside, the rear boot is for drinks and nibbles, the front boot for spares and accessories.


Finished in Burgundy and Black, pulled by a team of horses.


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